SERT RLS2000 Field Laundry Trailers

Ref: 50230
SERT RLS2000 Field Laundry Trailers The laundry trailer RLS 2000 is designed to accommodate approximately 150 people in the field. (washing, spin drying and drying) The stainless steel laundry equipment are durable and specially designed for field constraints. Four pre-registered washing and d.. read more
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Deville – Multi Fuel Heater

Ref: 40216
Large Surplus UNUSED multi-fuel heaters With the Blue Flame Technology this heater makes the most of the fuel In the Deville burner, staged combustion ensures the fuel/air mixture is optimized The central inductor tube (Exclusive to Deville) allows complete combustion of the hy.. read more
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Karcher TFK 250 kitchen trailer

Ref: 33046
Karcher TFK 250 mobile field kitchen trailer. This tactical field kitchen is a mobile catering unit mounted on a single-axle 3,500 kg trailer. It uses stainless steel (chrome-nickel 18/10) for the cooking appliances as well as other high-quality materials. The trailer is fitted with the follow.. read more
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