EXPORT licensing information

Exports make up the majority of our core business and as such we are well versed in the processes involved in the shipping of vehicles and equipment around the world.

It is necessary for most of our exports to require an Export Licence as issued by the Department for International Trade (DIT).

Introduction to licensing

All export licences are granted by DIT and as such, their website has a wealth of information which we would highly recommend you read through if you are unsure on anything relating to export licences. A good place to start is their handy step-by-step guide


When applying for an export licence, customers need to complete an End User Agreement – download using one of the links below. The forms include guidance on how they should be completed.

If we are applying for the Licence on your behalf please send a completed copy of the licence on company headed paper (if applicable). If you are applying for the licence yourself, please submit the licence through the SPIRE system

Export licences generally take between 3-6 weeks to be processed and approved. To avoid any unnecessary delays please ensure all forms are correctly filled out. Guidance for completing the forms is found on Page 3

PLEASE NOTE, some countries are embargoed and as such will not be granted an export licence unless it can be proven that the vehicles are for Humanitarian Aid (eg UN Aid Work or similar) For more information on embargoed countries please go to the DIT website.

Vehicles purchased and exported from the UK may require an export licence if the vehicles is to be re-exported from that country.


Goods lists on our website are NLR will be civilian (ie non military) and therefore do not require an export licence.