Karcher TFK 250 kitchen trailer

Ref: 33046

Karcher TFK 250 mobile field kitchen trailer.

This tactical field kitchen is a mobile catering unit mounted on a single-axle 3,500 kg trailer. It uses stainless steel (chrome-nickel 18/10) for the cooking appliances as well as other high-quality materials.

The trailer is fitted with the following equipment: two 150 litre double-walled GASTRONOM pressure cookers; two 55 litre GASTRONOM pressure-fryers; two integrated 78 litre GASTRONOM baking areas in which two working levels are heated by oil burners two 28 litre hot water and tea makers, and a four-unit pressure vaporisation burner that can use diesel oil, light fuel, petrol or kerosene. The design permits the left and right boiling pans, frying and baking areas to be exchanged. All assemblies can be removed for repair in the field without the need for specialist tools.

Using the TFK 250 two cooks can provide meals for 250 personnel or a single-course meal for 500 personnel in 2 hours. The trailer features swinging arm torsion bar suspension and is rated for cross-country movement with full boiling and frying pans. Four support legs are provided and a swing-up four-part 17 m2 weatherproof roof offers protection to the kitchen, food and cooks.

A two-part all-round tent is available for operations in difficult climatic conditions. The fully equipped TFK 250 is capable of being transported by internally or externally as an underslung load by CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters, or internally by C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall transport aircraft.

All units are in excellent condition and direct ex Mod stock.

QTY Available: 30


Category Aid Relief Equipment
Manufacturer Karcher
Max Load
Length 4
Height 2.6
Width 2.1
GVW 2500
Date into service
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 30
Export requirements more OGEL/SIEL Licence Required