Warthog Armoured All Terrain Repair Recovery Vehicle (RRV)

Ref: 50570

Warthog Armoured All Terrain Repair Recovery Vehicle (RRV)

The Repair Recovery Variant (RRV) is to serve as a mobile heavy aid workshop to facilitate repairs and maintenance in the field. The RRV consists of a typical front cabin configuration and a flat bed rear cabin.

Onboard equipment on the flatbed consists of a Palfinger 6mT crane mounted on a subframe. The RRV is also equipped with a constant pull winch which is capable of providing a maximum 10T pulling force. The subframe carries a pair of anchor spades which help to support the vehicle during lifting or winching operations. A 23 CFM air compressor with 2 hose reels is also provided to allow power tools to be used. Finally a workbench and vice unit and storage units are carried to facilitate maintenance tasks to be carried out.

In addition a Hatz engine is included to provide both electrical power and hydraulic power to various subsystems.

Body design - Front and rear module, high strength steel with protection system



Cruising Range - 400 Km

Maximum road speed - 60 Km/hr

Fuel consumption - 1.10 litres/km

Maximum gradient - 60%

Maximum side slope - 30%

Maximum vertical obstacle - 0.8M

Trench - 1.5M

Steering Radius - 10M

Front towing attachment ( max towing load) 30 Tonnes

Rear towing pintle (max towing load) 30 Tonnes

Maximum fording depth 1.5M


Engine Type - Caterpillar C7 350 BHP, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke turbo charged

Transmission Type - Allison MD3500 fully Automatic 6 speed

Cooling system - Liquid and air cooled


Air conditioning is provided for the front module

A heating system is provided in the front and rear module designed to provide heating between 10-40 degrees


We also have available in stock the Troop carrier variant, Command variant and Ambulance Variant totalling 75 vehicles as well as a full spares package



QTY Available: 2


Category Armoured
Manufacturer ST Kinetics
Engine Caterpillar C7 350 BHP 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Gearbox Allison MD3500 fully automatic 6 speed
Steering Centre Articulation
Tyres Soucy Tracks and wheels
Max Load
Electrics 24V
Length 8.6M
Height 2.9M
Width 2.3M
Date into service
Year of manufacture 2010-2011
Qty Available 2
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required