Aardvark AMCS MK4R Landmine Clearing Machine

Ref: 50584

Aardvark AMCS MK4R Landmine Clearing machine

Aardvarks multi role dedicated landmine clearance flail, the AMCS, effectively clears anti-vehicle and anti-personnel landmines, either by detonation or disruption and operates in the majority of terrain and environmental conditions encountered in minefields around the world.

The Aardvark AMCS is effective in a variety of ground conditions, both flat and undulating, with gradients of up to 40 degrees. It will clear dense surface scrub of 3m in height and trees with a trunk of 15cm diameter, it will also take out booby traps and trip wires.

Trees and vegetation are reduced to mulch, leaving a level, clear area which can easily be checked by hand teams, if required. To ensure maximum percentage clearance, every piece of ground covered by an Aardvark AMCS is struck with sufficient force to disrupt/destroy and/or detonate surface and sub-surface mines in its path. An automatic contouring device ensures the flail is in contact with the ground at all times. Clearance depths of upto 800mm are achievable.

This machine has been used for demonstration purposes with only 29 working hours and is immediately available ex stock

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Category Armoured
Manufacturer Aardvark
Engine New Holland M160 6 Cylinder Turbo 160HP
Gearbox Manual
Tyres 365/85R20
Max Load
Electrics 24V
Length 8M
Height 2.7M
Width 3.6M
Hrs_Kms 29 Hours
Date into service
Year of manufacture 2019
Qty Available 1
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required