Warthog Armoured All Terrain Command Variant (CV)

Ref: 50571

Warthog Armoured All Terrain Command Variant (CV)

The front module of Command Variant (CV) have the same configuration as the troop carrier variant (TCV) with same number of crew. In the rear cabin there are four crew seats on the left side while on the right side is fitted with a sliding table and map board. A lightweight field generator is fitted capable of producing 2Kw of continuous power.



Cruising Range - 400 Km

Maximum road speed - 60 Km/hr

Fuel consumption - 1.10 litres/km

Maximum gradient - 60%

Maximum side slope - 30%

Maximum vertical obstacle - 0.8M

Trench - 1.5M

Steering Radius - 10M

Front towing attachment ( max towing load) 30 Tonnes

Rear towing pintle (max towing load) 30 Tonnes

Maximum fording depth 1.5M


Engine Type - Caterpillar C7 350 BHP, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke turbo charged

Transmission Type - Allison MD3500 fully Automatic 6 speed

Cooling system - Liquid and air cooled


Air conditioning is provided for the front and rear module

A heating system is provided in the front and rear module designed to provide heating between 10-40 degrees


We also have available in stock the Troop carrier variant, Recovery Repair Variant and Ambulance Variant totalling 75 vehicles as well as a full spares package

QTY Available: 5


Category Armoured
Manufacturer ST Kinetics
Engine Caterpillar C7 350 BHP 6 Cylinder Turbo Charged
Gearbox Allison MD3500 fully automatic 6 speed
Steering Centre Articulation
Tyres Soucy Tracks and wheels
Max Load
Electrics 24V
Length 8.6M
Height 2.9M
Width 2.3M
Date into service
Year of manufacture 2010-2011
Qty Available 5
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required