Hagglunds Bv206 Load Carrier with MaxiLift PH270 Crane

Ref: 40209

Hagglunds has become a well known brand in the civilian market.

These extreme vehicles are capable of travelling on roads at speeds of up to 55km/h.

Also capable of negotiating up to 60% gradients, and they have less ground pressure than half a man's footprint.

These are the ultimate ATV.

Shown here is a cargo variant fitted with a flat bed cargo body with a new MaxiLift PH270 crane for self loading.

The undercarriage has been fitted with new tracks, sprockets and road wheels as well as fitted with a new ford diesel engine and many other parts supplying these vehicles to the highest standard.

Options include an amphibious version with the crane mounted internally.

The crane fitted is a MaxiLift PH270 unit which is capable of lifting between 2,150kg at 1.20m and 810kg at 3.20m

QTY Available: 10


Category Hagglund BV 206 Vehicles
Manufacturer Hagglund
Engine New Ford Turbo Diesel
Gearbox MB fully automatic with 4 forward gears and 1 reverse WGA-040
Brakes Hydraulic on transmission
Steering Power assisted centre point
Tyres Rubber tracks with steel inserts
Max Load 2,250kg
Electrics 24 volt
Length 6.20m
Height 2.0m
Width 1.80m
GVW 6,000kg
Hrs_Kms 1,000 - 1,500kms
Date into service
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 10
Export requirements more OGEL/SIEL Licence Required