Atlas/AMSS K Loader Aircraft Main Deck Loaders

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Atlas K Loader Aircraft Main Deck Loaders

Direct from the RAF in excellent condition, choice of 2 Units available in stock

Fully air-transportable in C130 Hercules aircraft, the ATLAS “K Loader” is purpose designed for military tactical and strategic logistics support.

Capable of lifting materiel between C130 cargo height up to Boeing 747 main deck, this loader lifts almost twice its own self weight with a payload of up to 20 tonnes

Aircraft capability

All aircraft cargo doors with sill heights of 990mm to 5,590mm, Optional pallet dolly interface trailer, height range 480mm to 1,000mm, Forward drop nose assemblies allowing interface with narrow lower lobe freight doors

Operational capability
Load Capacity - 18,000kg, Maximum Gradient Unladen 1 in 4 (25%) Laden 1 in 14 (8%), Speed Range: Unladen forward
maximum 32kph; Unladen reverse limited to 10kph; Load platform elevated limited to 15kph, Environmental envelope -25°C to +50°C

Air-portable configuration
Length 10,130mm, Width – Platform 2,870mm – Over Tyres 2,580mm, Height 2,430mm, Unladen Weight 11,350kg ,Wheel Load (average) 2,750kg

Load platform
Length between stops 9,240mm, width between main guides 2,775mm, Width between “drop in” guides 1,825mm, 4 Zone Operator selectable longitudinal variable speed powered pallet drives, 4 off 108 x 88 inch pallet capacity, powered variable speed pallet side shift, platform pitch ±5°, platform Roll ±5°, platform side shift ±51mm ±0.8°, freight lashings 6 off per side, powered pallet stops, heavy duty rollers and stainless steel ball units for pallets and containerised loads, multiple heavy duty impact resistant powered pick up rollers fitted to platform front and rear, shock absorbing rubber buffers for soft aircraft interface, easily deployable, hinged walkways and safety handrails fitted to both sides of the load platform with adjustable trombone/folding sections to accommodate differing aircraft profiles

CE plated



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Category Airport
Manufacturer Atlas
Engine Cummins 6BT Cylinder
Steering 2/4 Wheel Steer/Crab steer
Tyres Michelin 255/70R22.5
Max Load 18,000 Kg
Electrics 24 volts
Length 9.6M
Height 2.5M Lowered Height
Width 3M
GVW 11,350Kg
Hrs_Kms 840 Hours
Date into service 2006
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 2
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required