Hagglunds Bv206 Soft Top (Front) & Hard Top (Rear)

Ref: 33059

Hagglunds has become a well known brand in the civillan market.

These extreme vehicles are capable of travelling on roads at speeds of up to 55km/h.

Also capable of negotiating up to 60% gradients, and they have less ground pressure than half a man's footprint.

These are the ultimate ATV.

Shown here is a version combining a soft top body at the front and a hard top rear personnel body.
These particular units are ideal for hot climates.
The undercarriage has been fitted with new tracks, sprockets and road wheels.

QTY Available: 100


Category Hagglund BV 206 Vehicles
Manufacturer Hagglund
Engine Ford V6 petrol 136hp or New Turbo Diesel
Gearbox Automatic 4 speed forward 1 reverse
Brakes Disc
Steering Power assisted centre point articulation
Tyres Single Mould Rubber Tracks
Max Load 2,250kg
Electrics 24
Length 6.20
Height 2.0
Width 1.80
GVW 6000
Hrs_Kms 1,000 - 1,500kms
Date into service
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 100
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required