Hagglund BV206 Multi-Purpose Vehicle

Ref: 50253

Hagglund BV 206 All Terrain Multi Purpose Vehicle

This vehicle is ideal for any situations where the terrain is impossible to cross by normal everyday vehicles making it an ideal choice for energy company's or councils or emergency services.

With a bespoke built body with large opening doors on gas struts and a cavernous interior into which equipment or even a water/fuel tank could be installed.

The external lockers provide storage space and are also prepared with a protective coating to allow for easy washing out.

It is also fitted with bull bar and 2500kg electric winch.

Vehicle is fully overhauled to a high standard as shown and fitted with a new Ford turbo diesel engine as well as new undercarriage including new tracks, road wheels and sprockets

We can outfit these vehicles to suit a customers requirements to meet a number of roll requirements including for example:
Dedicated Fire Fighting unit
Rescue Unit
Flood Unit

QTY Available: 1


Category Hagglund BV 206 Vehicles
Manufacturer Hagglund
Engine New Ford 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Gearbox Mercedes Automatic
Brakes Disc on Drive Shaft
Steering PAS LHD
Tyres Tracks
Max Load
Electrics 24v
Hrs_Kms 1,000 - 1,500kms
Date into service 1990
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 1
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required