M1000 Semi-Trailer 40 wheel heavy equipment transporter Trailer

Ref: 40210

M1000 70 ton heavy equipment transporter trailers (HETS)

Designed for a wide variety of payloads including tracked and wheeled vehicles-even disabled- as well as break bulk cargo and ISO containers

5 axle lines, two half width axles per line. Each axle can oscillate laterally to accommodate crowned roads and rough terrain

Tight turns isn't a problem with no tyre scrub and minimal off track. Negotiates intersections of 30ft wide in one uninterrupted pass. Manual steering for low speed manoeuvres in tight clearance locations

Hydraulically actuated mechanical linkage, axle lines 2, 3, 4 and 5 automatically steer to proper Ackerman geometry in accord with tractor-trailer angle, requires no modification to tractor or additional driver tasks

Suspension is Hydraulic, equalised, independent from side to side; axle vertical travel ± 10 inches (250 mm), total 20 inch (500 mm)

Two - line straight air brakes with spring - actuated park and emergency features Hydraulics, control deck height, goose neck, angle and axle jacking.

Tyres can be changed by one person without removing payload within 30 minutes (axles rotate for access to inside tyres). Deck height adjustment provides running gear
maintenance access

Spring assisted loading ramps, can be manually lowered or raised by one person

QTY Available: 20


Category Low Loader Trailers
Manufacturer SEI
Engine Kuboto diesel
Tyres 215/75R17.5
Max Load 70 tons
Electrics 24 V
Length 16 M
Width 3.6 M
Date into service
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 20
Export requirements more SIEL Licence Required