Foden MWAD 8×6 Tanker truck

Ref: 11666

The Foden 8x6 truck chassis is a highly manoeuvrable vehicles ideal for quarry type conditions.

The Foden 4x2 front drive tractor unit is coupled via a multi drive system to the rear turn table bogie, which creates the 8x6 layout. Both the front and rear turntables work in unison to affect the steering.

The Thompsons alloy tank is a 4 compartment 20,000 litre capacity tank. The vehicle is equipped with flow meters and PTO pumping equipment.

Option include:-

Fuel truck
Water truck
Dust suppression truck

QTY Available: 10


Category Tanker Trucks
Manufacturer Foden
Engine Cummins 6 cylinder water cooled turbo diesel L325 325hp
Gearbox Eaton Manual
Steering RHD - PAS
Tyres XDR 295/80R Michelin
Max Load 20,000 litres capacity
Electrics 24
Length 13
Height 3.5
Width 2.5
GVW 35000
Hrs_Kms 10,000 - 70,000kms
Date into service 1998
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 10
Export requirements more OGEL/SIEL Licence Required