Deville – Multi Fuel Heater

Deville – Multi Fuel Heater

REF: 40216
Large Surplus Military stock of UNUSED multi-fuel heaters With the Blue Flame Technology this heater makes the most of the fuel In the Deville burner, staged combustion ensures the fuel/air mixture is optimized The central inductor tube (Exclusive to Deville) allows complete combustion of the hydrocarbons using very high temperature, result - no soot, which results in a steady blue flame. Clean, silent, free from of odour, simple to use, with very low fuel consumption thanks to the TOBY distributor. Minimal maintenance; with blue flame technology, your diesel/kerosene heater is economical and environmentally friendly. Applications Garages Workshops Log Cabins Greenhouses Larger Tents or Marquees Benefits Blue Flame Technology Deville burner blue flame with induction tube, rings and flame diffusers Low consumption No cleaning required (excluding annual maintenance) Toby distributor with a very precise adjustment of flow rates Accessibility to actuators Great space heating Cylindrical Fuel Consumption: 1.5 Litre per hour  
Technical Details
Standard - NF EN 1
Connecting Chimney - Top
Dimensions (W x D x H) - 600 x 950 x 1200mm
Nozzle Diameter - 153mm
Tank Capacity - 29 Litres
Distributor - Toby
Fuel Consumption - 2Ltr/Hr (Max) - 0.6Ltr/hr (Min)
Fuel Type - Diesel / Kerosene
Nominal Power Output - 11-16Kw
Weight - 70kg
Packing (W x D x H) - 60 x 95 x 145cm
* Comes complete with tool kit LARGE QUANTITY AVAILABLE  
QTY Available: 1000.00
Category Aid Relief Equipment
Manufacturer Deville
Max Load
Length 61.5cm
Height 129cm Excluding flu
Width 50.4cm
Hrs_Kms New Unused
Date into service
Year of manufacture
Qty Available 1000.00
Export requirements more NLR (No Licence Required)